Gospel Library Known Issues

Listed below are known issues (some might call them bugs) with our application. These are ones we are working to fix. Depending on the root cause, these will be fixed with the next release if possible. In some cases in may be possible to fix the issue with a simple update rather than waiting for the next release. Whenever that is possible we make the update as soon as we have a fix.

Windows 8.1 Version

New content updated since May of 2013 not displaying tiles correctly
New content updated since May of 2013 not displaying paragraphs correctly
Bullet points and end of chapter questions not displaying properly in lots of content
Book of Mormon pronunciation guide is not displaying properly
Some content available in other platforms are missing including some random magazines
When scripture references are multiples in the same chapter sometimes they run together

The following books do not download properly:

  • Come Follow Me Curriculum
  • All is Safely Gathered In Pamphlets


Windows Phone Version

No content updated since September 2013

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