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The Gospel Library Application is available for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. We have a team of volunteers working on them. Our most recent release was for the Windows 8.1 app on the 26th of December 2013, Version 1.13.1223.2. We hope it blessed everybody’s Christmas season. Our primary focus for that release was bug fixes but we were able to add several new features. Namely, improved references, GoTo specific scriptural references, History links, and Windows 8.1 compatibility.

Both Windows applications are suffering from a change in the way the Church produces content for the applications. In the Windows 8.1 version this change means that in many cases some content is unavailable. New content comes a little slower for us than it does for the iPhone and what is available usually has the pictures formatted in such a way that their tiles black in the application. Also, the new content does not format correctly meaning that paragraphs, bullet points and etc. do not display correctly. In the Windows Phone version the change in content format has prevented the application content from being updated since September of 2013.

Our next planned release is for the Windows 8.1 version and is expected to be a complete rewrite of the content rendering engine. That should mean that we will get new content as soon as the other mobile platforms and that that content should display just the way the authors intended it to. We are also working on several new features. We can’t promise all of them will make the next release but we did sort the list in the order we hope to get them done. Given the volunteer nature and variable availability of our team members, I hope you will forgive us for not committing to a date. One of the code goals in this next release should help us also get out a Windows Phone release soon thereafter that will get the updated content.

Some helpful links:  New Feature List; Known Issues List; FAQ; Other Projects; Give Feedback; Volunteer to Help

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